Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide Generators

Product Summary
Electrochemical production of reactive oxygen compounds

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Strong Oxidizers for Varied Uses

Electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide (HP, or H2O2) has been successfully pursued at Giner for several end uses. This reactive oxygen compound has been produced for decontamination of enclosed areas, as well as for various chemical processes.

Giner developed a prototype ozone (O3) generator that was designed for preparation and maintenance of potable water for space applications, including the International Space Station. The electrochemical ozone generator employs a very stable, immobile proton-exchange membrane (PEM) as the electrolyte, eliminating the problems of corrosion, electrolyte management and leakage that may occur with liquid electrolytes. In addition, the electrolyzer used a biologically and environmentally inert diamond-like carbon (DLC) or other stabilized carbon (diamond, vitreous carbon) as the ozone evolution catalyst, replacing the alternative lead oxide-based (PbO2) catalyst. This eliminates concerns of lead (Pb) leaching into the treated water, a particular concern for drinking water.


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