Great Team, Great Experience Base


Giner Labs is a world-renowned center of excellence for electrochemical R&D.

Our experienced team of 40 highly qualified scientists includes 14 PhDs, and is accustomed to finding electrochemical solutions to the toughest business and operational problems. Our areas of focus include life support and propulsion solutions for Aerospace and Defense, electrochemical sensors for close to real time, highly accurate detection of THC, heavy metals and other "hard to detect" substances in a variety of media, lithium sulfur batteries and next generation technologies for green production of hydrogen and other major chemical products.

And we are highly focused on the commercial translation of our technologies into real world solutions and benefits. Over the last 5 years we have spun out 2 technologies and signed a significant development partnership with a global pharma.

Giner Labs also has a unique manufacturing team with a long history of experience, dating back to the early days of the development of PEM electrolysis technology for the Gemini Space Program.

Results Oriented


We perform contract research programs for industrial clients, government agencies and not-for-profit institutions.

No matter what stage your project or business has reached, the Giner Labs team is ready to give you the best electrochemistry expertise in the way that works best for you. For some clients we provide critical ongoing research resources, for others we deliver intensive support throughout a challenging project, and for others it is occasional expert advice.

Our Customers


Our most important stakeholders are our customers and partners. Many of our customer relationships are going strong after a decade or more – such as our long-term partnership with General Motors

Many innovative start-ups turn to Giner for help with critical electrochemical components for their emerging products and solutions.

Government agencies, such as NASA, NIH, the Department of Defense and DARPA, are essential supporters of innovative Research and Development programs.

Our industry partners collaborate on programs where we develop prototypes of components, products and systems for integration into commercial ready solutions. Key industry partners include Lockheed Martin, BI Inc, Treadwell, Parker Hannifin and Boeing.

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