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Giner Labs Team

Giner currently employs approximately 65 people: an exceptional team of scientists and engineers with deep expertise in electrochemical technologies. Fourteen team members hold PhD degrees in the physical sciences or engineering and ten hold MS degrees. Giner employees have a proud record of technical innovation and commercial translation of our technologies. Giner personnel publish extensively in leading journals and make significant presentations at technical meetings in the US and abroad. They hold over 100 US Patents in the field of electrochemistry. Key individuals have received awards for scientific excellence and solving difficult problems on time-demanding schedules for government and industry.

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Avni Argun Headshot

Avni Argun

Chief Technology Officer

Avni obtained his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Florida, followed by his postdoctoral studies at MIT’s Chemical Engineering Department. Joining Giner in 2010, Avni has led a diverse portfolio of research programs including antibacterial textile coatings, synergistic antifungal formulations, electrochemical microbial sensors, biomarker sensor in healthcare monitoring, environmental toxin monitors, and electrochromic smart lenses. Avni has over fifteen years of experience in electrochemistry, biosensors, and polymer materials and authored over twenty research articles on various electrochemical device technologies.

Kate Harrison Headshot

Kate Harrison

Director of Battery Technology

Kate Harrison is the Director of Battery Technology at Giner Labs. In this role she leads a diverse team focused on the development and translation of these technologies into the market through collaborations and partnerships. Kate brings nearly two decades of technical experience in all aspects of developing next generation battery and energy storage solutions. She has expertise with next generation battery technologies including Li and Na metal anodes, Li-S electrode, electrolyte and cathode development, high-voltage, Li-air, RT Na-S, and non-flammable and next generation electrolytes. She holds a degree in Physics from Boston College.

Zach Lynn Headshot

Zach Lynn

Director of Aerospace and Defense

Zach has over 9 years of experience in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell and electrolyzer design, manufacturing, and characterization. Since joining Giner in 2014, he was worked with a variety of novel electrochemical devices including regenerative fuel cells (RFCs), direct methanol fuel cells, vapor feed electrolyzers and electrochemical sensors. Zach has acted as project manager or principal investigator for numerous PEM R&D programs for NASA, DoD and several commercial aerospace firms. Prior to his current management role, Zach contributed to all aspects of PEM systems including fluid, electrical, thermal, and structural subsystems, and specialized in automation of these systems.  He holds a degree in Physics from Carleton College.

Judy Lattimer Headshot

Judy Lattimer

Director of Energy Conversion

Judy leads the team doing cutting-edge R&D in electrolyzers, fuel cells, green chemistry, direct air capture, and integration with renewables. She joined Giner in 2018 and since then has worked on a variety of research projects including high and low temperature anion exchange membrane electrolysis, ammonia synthesis and fuel cell development, CO2 capture, conversion, and regeneration, PGM-free catalyst development, and electrochemical sensors. She has over 15 years of experience in electrochemistry research, earning a PhD in Chemistry from Caltech, followed by postdoctoral research in catalyst and reactor development at Harvard University prior to joining Giner.

Greg Rutan Headshot

Greg Rutan

Vice President for Business Development

Greg has extensive experience in developing and executing sales strategies to build and sustain long-term client relationships and mutual benefit. He has led teams focused on sales expansion, strategic partnerships, emerging markets, and commercialization efforts across a wide array of technology sectors. Most recently Greg led a SaaS firm to over 500% revenue growth which culminated in a successful merger with a global technology company, and he helped a leader in study abroad pivot their business model to focus on partnerships. Greg’s role is to expand and protect our various business interests, including new and emerging technologies, products, and IP. Greg joined Giner in 2022 and is described as a problem solver, compassionate colleague, client advocate, office contrarian and occasionally “that guy”. He received his BA in Psychology from Yale University.

Evan Mead Headshot

Evan Mead

Vice President of Operations

Evan serves as our Vice President of Operations, bringing a blend of strategic leadership and operational expertise across the technology, energy, and science sectors. With a strong technical foundation holding an MBA from Wharton and a Master's in Engineering from MIT, Evan has excelled in transforming operations to scale growth, enhance margins, and fortify competitive positioning. His career is marked by significant roles at companies like Invicro and Soliyarn, where he led major initiatives in operational design, international partnerships, and strategic transformations. Evan is recognized for his collaborative approach and data-driven decision-making, driving substantial improvements in efficiency, revenue, and cost management. Evan spearheads our operations strategy, ensuring alignment with our long-term goals and operational excellence.

Theresa Scavone Headshot

Theresa Scavone

Chief Financial Officer

Theresa has over 12 years of Finance and Accounting experience in start-up and fast growth companies. She has held positions at Ulvac Technologies, FusionStorm, Open Mile, and ZipCar. As Giner’s CFO she oversees, among other areas, strategic financial planning, organizational development, process definition and improvement, and project planning and execution. Theresa has a bachelor’s degree, Magna Cum Laude, in Business Administration with an Accounting concentration from Fitchburg State University.

Andy Belt Headshot

Andy Belt

Chief Executive Officer

After receiving an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business, Andy worked at Bain and Company in London for 5 years. He was a co-founder of an innovative packaged foods business in London and a consulting firm in Boston, where he focused on technology translation. Andy was appointed to the Giner Board in 2009 with responsibility for the commercial development of Giner’s technology portfolio. He became President and CEO of Giner Labs in 2014. On the formation of Giner ELX in April 2017 Andy became President and CEO of Giner ELX. After the sale of Giner ELX to Plug Power in June 2020 for ~$80M Andy returned as President and CEO of Giner Labs.