If you have a passion for electrochemistry, Giner Labs would be a great place to make your career. Giner Labs is a world leader in electrochemical research and development with a 40-year record of success. We not only push the frontiers of technology, but push those technologies forward to make a difference in commercial applications. We deliver electrolyzers supplying oxygen to the crews of US submarines, large scale hydrogen generators for renewable energy storage and miniature implantable oxygen generators for cell therapies.

Take a look at the career openings posted below. If you see a good fit, please forward your resume and a cover letter explaining the position you are interested in to jobs@ginerinc.com.

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Postdoctoral Scientist/Engineer – Li-ion Battery Development & Modeling of Electrochemical Reactions

Giner, Inc. is seeking a postdoctoral candidate to lead R&D efforts on: (1) lithium-ion battery technology; and (2) physical modeling and experimental analysis of electrochemical reactions.

 Key responsibilities/Li-ion battery development:

  • Develop and optimize battery electrodes (cathode and anode) to improve performance
  • Fabricate and test lab-scale, prototype cells to screen materials and measure key performance metrics
  • Scale-up electrode formulations into roll-to-roll electrode coatings
  • Design, optimize, and scale up manufacturing of prototype pouch cells
  • Perform material characterization (SEM, EDX, XPS, etc)
  • Develop and test battery liquid electrolyte formulations through internal efforts and external collaborations to achieve stable electrochemical performance and extend cycle life during high voltage use conditions

 Key responsibilities/modeling of electrochemical reactions:

  • Modify and extend Giner’s software modeling tool to obtain reaction kinetic parameters from pulsed voltammograms
  • Develop an algorithm to identify reaction mechanisms for unknown samples
  • Research suitable analytes for experimental validation
  • Perform pulsed voltammetry experiments and analyze data to validate the modeling tool

 Required Qualifications                

  • PhD degree in chemical engineering, materials science, chemistry, or a related field
  • Strong background in Li-ion and Lithium-sulfur battery R&D and testing
  • Knowledge of battery cell manufacturing process and requirements
  • Failure analysis of battery cells
  • Strong background in applied electrochemistry and electrochemical analysis techniques
  • Strong experience with computational modeling of electrochemical systems
  • Programming experience in MATLAB
  • Experience performing hands-on wet chemistry and laboratory protocols
  • Strong oral and written communication skills (ability to document results, prepare reports, SOPs, and present results to internal and external collaborators)
  • Ability to think creatively and analytically to solve technical issues

 Additional Qualifications (highly desirable but not required)

  • Experience with pulsed voltammetry analysis
  • Programming experience with Python
  • Safety abuse testing of batteries
  • Testing of battery packs
  • Knowledge of battery management systems