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Electrolytic Oxidation and Secondary Oxidation

Electrolytic oxidation is a process where a substance undergoes oxidation through the application of an electric current. In simple terms, it involves the use of electrical energy to drive a non-spontaneous oxidation reaction. 
Secondary oxidation, on the other hand, refers to a subsequent oxidation reaction that occurs after the initial reaction, and can be harnessed as a positive and effective tool for cleaning purposes. Targets include the treatment of water, food, or contaminated surfaces. Electrolytically generated oxidant species can be effective in breaking down and neutralizing contaminants, pathogens, and organic pollutants. Through controlled secondary oxidation processes, reactive species like oxygen radicals or ozone can be generated to target and eliminate unwanted substances.
render of test stand
Ozone Production Graph (ozone production vs voltage)

Giner's Electrolytic Ozone Generator: Food Safety

Welcome to Giner's microbial decontamination program, where innovation meets food safety! Using a Giner developed electrolytic cell, we harness the power of electrolytic oxidation to generate potent oxidizing agents like ozone, peroxides, and hydroxyl radicals directly from water. Using secondary oxidation, these powerful agents actively engage with and neutralize harmful microorganisms on meat (or other) surfaces. This approach aims to enhance food safety in small to medium-sized meat processors, but also promises sustainability and cost-effectiveness across many other fields.

Other Applications

Beyond its transformative impact on food processing, Giner's innovative technology extends its reach across various sectors, promising versatile applications. The generated oxidizing agents, including ozone, peroxides, and hydroxyl radicals, offer a powerful solution for microbial reduction without relying on residual chemicals. This versatility opens doors to applications in agriculture, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment. Whether it's enhancing crop hygiene, providing a novel approach to microbial control in healthcare settings, or revolutionizing water treatment processes, our technology is poised to make waves across diverse industries. With sustainability at its core and a commitment to microbial reduction without chemical residuals, Giner's ongoing research holds promise for a cleaner and safer future.

Ozone Spray Gun