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In Situ Environmental Monitoring

Remote environmental monitoring using electrochemical sensors enables users to assess ambient conditions, pollutants, etc. in real-time. The resulting information provides a number of benefits, in particular, informing remediation or public health efforts. Chronoamperometry and potentiometry based devices are suitable for these autonomous measurements because of their low cost, scalability, and established track record for field-deployment. Inexpensive electrochemical based platforms generate high resolution geographical data when paired with modern data collection/communication technologies like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Technology development in this area can include expanding the target portfolio, improving sensor performance, and deploying platforms to new environments.


Giner Labs environmental monitoring sensor with bluetooth capabilities
Giner's electrochemical gas sensor is small and requires minimal power

Giner has developed a wide variety of systems used for environmental monitoring, remediation, and control applications. Our research efforts include sensing in soil, water, and air environments. Several of these programs have involved development of prototype hardware to handle power, signal processing, and data communication in autonomous or handheld configurations.

We are looking for collaborators and investors to help progress and deploy or environmental sensing technologies.