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World-leading Specialty Electrolyzer Stacks

Giner's expertise in Proton-Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis technology has a rich history, originating from its development for the Gemini Space Program. Over the past 30 years, our scientists and engineers have continuously advanced this technology, cementing Giner's position at the forefront of the field.


Top down view of Giner Electrolyzer Stack
Legacy Stack

High-Pressure Oxygen for Submarine Life Support

Giner's high-pressure electrolyzer stacks are crucial for providing life support on submarines. PEM technology is favored for these applications due to its durability, compact size, cleanliness, and reliability. These electrolyzers can generate high-purity oxygen (>99.999%) and operate at much higher current densities than the older alkaline electrolyzers. This results in a significant reduction in the size of the oxygen generation systems, freeing up valuable space on submarines. Giner's advanced technology supports high differential pressures, facilitating the generation and elimination of by-product hydrogen while supplying oxygen directly to the crew. Partnering with Treadwell Corporation, Giner supplies electrolyzers for Seawolf-Class and Ohio-Class submarines.


Aerospace Applications

In aerospace, Giner's high-pressure electrolyzers are designed to produce high-purity gas streams at pressures up to 80 bar, with ongoing development for operations at 140 bar for NASA. These ultra-lightweight electrolyzers are essential for minimizing mass and storage volume of gaseous fluids in space applications. Giner's state-of-the-art vapor-feed electrolyzer stacks further simplify the balance-of-plant, reducing weight and space requirements, which is highly beneficial for both NASA and emerging private space companies.

Satellite in space

Laboratory Hydrogen Generators

Giner is also a leading provider of laboratory hydrogen generators, extensively used worldwide in various scientific applications. These include flame ionization detectors and carrier gases for instruments such as mass spectrometers and gas chromatographs.