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Custom Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA)

The membrane electrode assembly (MEA) is the heart of proton exchange membrane fuel cells and electrolyzers, determining both performance and durability. The MEA materials, structure, and fabrication technologies play important roles in performance and optimization. Giner has designed and manufactured MEAs for commercial products and R&D applications based on extensive knowledge of catalyst ink, electrode, and membranes. We manufacture 3-layer, 4-layer, 5-layer, and 7-layer MEAs including small and large scales according to Giner standard and custom specifications.

Example of Giner-made MEA on a small plate

Giner's Current Programs and Funding Partners

  • OGA/AOGA Electrolyzer (NASA)
  • High Pressure Electrolyzer (NAVY)
  • High Temperature Fuel Cell (NAVY)