More power, longer cycle life and higher safety

Giner has developed a safe, high-voltage lithium ion rechargeable battery. Our proprietary non-flammable electrolytes allow stability at high voltage (5V) while our cathode materials deliver superior power and energy densities.

The initial commercial applications will be demanding biomedical applications where there is a critical need for ultra safe operation combined with higher power. The Giner 5V lithium ion technology will make new lower weight power packs feasible for advanced medical devices such as left ventricular assist devices (LVADs)

Additional collaborators are US Military developers seeking new options for demanding battlefield applications, including “soldier power” and auxiliary batteries for jetfighters.

After demonstrating dependability and commercial viability this new battery technology will evolve into current and emerging mass-market applications such as portable electronics of all kinds and power systems for Electric Vehicles (EVs).

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