Sensing trace gases and environmental pollutants is critical to ensure a safe workplace and a healthy environment. Giner develops innovative electrochemical sensor systems that offer a unique combination of ultra-high sensitivity and real-time or close to real-time results.

We are working to develop our technology into rugged devices for field use and into sensor networks for long-term tracking.

Among the achievements of our water quality team:

  • detection of arsenic species, chromium, cadmium, uranium and other heavy metal pollutants at the parts per billion level;
  • simultaneous detection of 5 heavy metals in one test run;
  • advanced progress on a real-time, in situ test for the monitoring of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) in natural water systems and water processing plants;
  • proof of concept in the detection of microorganism DNA in groundwater samples.

Many of our sensors use our patented thick-film technology with working, counter, and reference electrodes printed directly onto a substrate. Selection of electrode materials and potentiostatic control allows the selective detection and measurement of gaseous and dissolved species, usually to the part-per-billion level.

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