Our specialist membrane characterization team rapidly and accurately measures critical membrane physical properties to identify promising new material options and for quality control.

Giner has developed a set of customized testing devices to perform highly sensitive and rapid testing of the critical characteristics that define membrane performance.

The typical suite of characteristics includes: conductivity, gas permeability, water uptake isotherms, mechanical properties and electroosmotic drag coefficient.

For membranes targeted at vehicle market, we can perform a full range of performance evaluations over the drive cycle conditions of an automotive fuel cell engine. For example, we can monitor the normal suite of properties over the entire matrix of –40 to 140°C temperature and 0% to 100% RH.

As an illustration of the efficiency of our membrane characterization laboratory, one of our AC impedance instruments is capable of automatically characterizing five membrane samples over a full set of operating conditions in one day, a task that used to take months using older laboratory methods.

Beyond the performance of the tests themselves, Giner has exceptional and world renowned experience in the interpretation of the results, and specifically in the identification of next step implications in the further pursuit of an optimal membrane material.

Zach Lynn, a Senior Project Engineer in our Aerospace and Defense team, is a leading authority on membrane performance and leads projects in this area.

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