Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell and electrolyzer systems are in demand because of their exceptional performance and overall system economics. The advantages of PEM systems include their reliability, longevity and their ability to ramp up and down instantaneously.

The team at Giner is preoccupied by further improvements in PEM system performance and cost. We have developed a high performance membrane with excellent dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures and relative humidities. Compared to conventional ionomer membranes, our supported membrane is stronger, more ionically conductive, and can be optimized for specific applications. This will lead to higher reliability, longer life, and wider relative humidity and temperature operating ranges.

The Giner Dimensionally Stable Membrane (DSM™ membrane) shows stellar mechanical stability compared to the “gold-standard” DuPont Nafion® 112 (Nafion) with a creep rate and X-Y in-plane swelling at least one order of magnitude lower than Nafion.

Our DSM™ incorporates low equivalent weight (EW) ionomers (700 EW), which have better mechanical properties than Nafion and far superior performance.

By employing local reinforcement strategies, the lifetime of DSM™ is ~ 3X longer than traditional non-supported Nafion membrane while failures along the membrane/electrode edges have been completely eliminated. Additional optimization of the support pattern can further improve the durability.

A novel fabrication process has been successfully developed by Giner that can be readily scaled up for continuous low cost mass production. Owing to the mechanical stability of the DSM™, direct inking of the membrane can be employed instead of the more cumbersome decal transfer process. Combined with excellent mechanical strength, the DSM™ can be readily employed for roll-to-roll mass production of MEAs.

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